Here’s Some Terrifying Video Of An Entire Street Collapsing In Baltimore, Maryland

What you see above is the beginning of an entire street collapsing in the middle of Baltimore, Maryland. The area has been hit by heavy rainfall over the past few days which resulted in this section of street collapsing onto the CSX railway below. From The Washington Post:

The video showing the collapse of a Baltimore street on Wednesday is really something, particularly the last 15 seconds, when the street just COLLAPSES like a house of cards, if that house of cards was also a street in a major U.S. city.

The video just proves that parking your car on the street is not the best idea. It also proves that nothing is safe, ever. I’m going to go home and pray that a sinkhole doesn’t appear under my bed like it did to that guy in Florida.

(Via ToddTesla)

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