Here’s ‘Splash’ Recut As A Political Thriller


Seeing how Chet Haze graced the pages of UPROXX today, the timing really couldn’t be more perfect for the fine chaps at Best Rooftalk Ever to release their recut/reimagining of Splash — the mermaid-centric romantic comedy starring Chet’s dad, Tom Hanks — as a Michael Clayton/Ides of March-style political thriller.

I have to confess (yet again), I love the hell out these types of things, because it just illustrates how advertising and marketing effect the way we perceive things. To take the trailer of an 80s screwball comedy and totally turn it on its head, largely with music and clever editing, is something that just fascinates me. The Caddyshack recut Tauntr did a few days ago was also pretty exceptional.

Another confession: Splash marked the first time I ever wanked it to an aquatic vertebrate. So now you know.

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