Meet The Horrible Ocean Monster That Ate A Nine-Foot-Long Great White Shark

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06.07.14 24 Comments
great white shark


Yesterday we told you about “something in the ocean eating Great White Sharks,” and then we made a bunch of Australia jokes, because that’s how we make sense of the things we fear the most. Anyway, our own Dan Seitz hypothesized that a giant squad could have been the ocean beast chowing on Jaws, but it turns out the shark-snacker is something far more horrifying: it was a “colossal cannibal great white shark.”

It was only after further studying the bigger migrating great whites that came into the area where the 9-footer was killed when they finally guessed the identity of the killer.

The scientists claim their new data matched all of the tracking information from the disappeared shark: The body temperature they registered was the same and the size of the cannibal great white shark—which they estimated to be 16 foot long and weigh over 2 tons—could easily pull off the same speed and trajectory captured in the tracking device. (Via)

At least it wasn’t a crocodile with razor blade teeth?


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