Here’s The New Wonder Woman

02.17.11 8 years ago 2 Comments

Both (borderline NSFW pics at link).

Maybe the picture above isn’t the most representative image of the new Wonder Woman, but how could I resist?  And I’d watch a prom-dress-wearing, bat-wielding version of Wonder Woman over this new David E. Kelly version anyway.  Diana Price isn’t a mere “real woman yearning to live a normal life” or a CEO and she doesn’t have pajama and ice cream sleepovers.  The more I read about this project, the less I understand their reasoning.  I even contacted an involved party for comment. “This show is going to do so badly!” said a surprisingly-happy producer at NBC named Max Bialystock.

That’s right.  A Broadway joke.  Claws out!

Also, after the jump is a tape Tanit Phoenix made while vying for the part.  That awful dialogue she’s reading is from the awful script.  Awful.

[Hat tip to FangirlMag and Blastr]

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