Hero Dog Stood Guard Over Her Trapped Friend For A Week Before They Were Rescued

Dogs have proven time and time again that they are the most noble creatures on Earth, and today’s weepy dog story does nothing to contradict that. WCNC NBC Charlotte reports that the furry twosome of Phoebe and Tillie had been missing for a week, and that the Vashon Island Pet Protectors had been posting photos of the dogs online in hopes that someone would recognize them while volunteers looked for the missing pooches.

On Monday, VIPP received a call that a reddish setter had run up to some people before running back into the woods, and due to the matching description of Tillie, VIPP decided to check it out. After a little bit of searching, the two dogs were found, and rescuers were deeply touched by what they found: Phoebe, the basset hound, had fallen into an old cistern and was huddled on some rocks to stay out of the water, and her faithful friend Tillie had stayed by her side the entire time. While they were obviously shaken up and hungry, both dogs have been returned home and are doing well.

As anyone who has lost a dog can attest, it is easy to lose hope during the search, but the important thing is to keep looking. Amy Carey of VIPP encourages pet owners to find “happy endings for missing pets, or even for unhappy endings with closure.”

She definitely gives all the credit to the rescue to Tillie’s dedication to her fallen friend, though.

“My message to most people with missing dogs is that unless the dog is being seen periodically, it is likely stuck somewhere and that when stuck, even the most loyal and people-oriented dogs won’t make a sound – even to an owner calling from a few feet away,” said Carey. “That’s where the amazing Miss Tillie steps in as the heroine of this story. Not sure Phoebe would have ever been found without her as they were miles from the last place spotted.”

All’s well that ends well, but make sure to hug your dog extra tonight.

(Via WCNC)