All Your High School Friends Will Be Sharing ‘White People Crazy’ On Facebook Soon

Senior Pop Culture Editor
01.14.14 4 Comments

white people crazy

It’s only a matter of time. “OMG WHITE peeps R INSANE.” “This is SO me.” “OBAMA HATES WHITE PEOPLE.” All your high school friends who you haven’t seen in five years, the Jasons and Judis of the world, will soon be spamming your Facebook with “White People Crazy,” an ode to those kooky Caucasians, from rapper Rawcus.

He’s a mysterious guy. He’s even wisely remaining anonymous because “it’s a safer decision that no one knows who I am or what I look like. I’m just being careful. The mystery of who I am just adds more and more to the draw and talk about me.” We do know one thing, though: he thinks Linsday Lohan is crazy. Even white people know that.

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