Watch Hilary Duff Angrily Confront A Paparazzo Who Was Stalking Her

Getty Image

There are many downsides to counter the perks of being a celebrity, and one of them is you may be stalked by random people with cameras. Every now and then, a celebrity strikes back. Case in point: actress Hilary Duff, who not only angrily confronted a man she says was following her around all morning but also captured the exchange on video and posted it to her Instagram account.

Duff, who is nine months pregnant, says the man had trailed her to her son’s soccer game, then to her sister’s house, then while she was running errands. The video begins in media res, and Duff is polite but firm, challenging him when he claims to have no taken any photos (which, in her Instagram caption, she says is untrue) and repeatedly and patiently using the word “please.”

In her caption, Duff makes the point that “[i]f a non ‘celeb’(I’m sorry to use that word) was dealing with this the law would be involved.” It’s true, though the gossip industry isn’t going away any time soon, meaning if this paparazzo keeps clear of her from now on and forever, he’ll still be replaced by another one looking for a decent payday. Indeed, a Getty image search for Duff reveals a wealth of paparazzi stalking images.

Duff is expecting her second child with her boyfriend Matthew Koma. She is most famous for her days as a teen idol in the aughts, especially for her run as the hero of the Lizzie McGuire show and its spin-off movie. She is currently on the Darren Star-created TV Land hit Younger.

(Via Slate)