Here’s Hillary Clinton Just Hanging Out In The Woods And Proving That Dogs Make Everything Better

President-Elect Donald Trump’s transition to the White House took off like a flash. Less than two days after the election, he’s already rubbed elbows with President Obama and started filling his administration. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has temporarily slipped back into obscurity. Hill Dog was spotted with her dog (and Bill) near the Chappaqua, NY home that they purchased after leaving the White House. And of course, the woman who encountered them requested a photo.

Margot Gerster was enjoying a hike when she stumbled upon the former First Lady. The meeting was a serendipitous one. Gester revealed in a Facebook post how she was feeling “heartbroken” about Hillary’s loss and tried to unwind in the woods with her daughters. Lo and behold, she heard some rustling leaves, and the Clintons magically appeared with two dogs in tow.

Therapy-by-dog is real.

Gerster says she told Hillary how thrilled she was to tote her daughters to the polling place — in “one of my most proudest moments as a mother” — and cast her vote for a female presidential candidate. This sentiment likely came as a source of comfort to both women after Clinton’s emotional concession speech both inspired and devastated many supporters all over again.

Clinton purchased her Chappaqua home in 1999 to establish residency for her successful Senate bid. She then moved onto a secretary of state stint, and we all know what happened from there. She’s led an atypical life, but like many of us, Clinton turns to her dogs in a time of need.