Is James Bond Just An A-Hole Who Carries A Sh*t Gun?

01.10.12 7 years ago

As our friend Endswell at High Definite is wont to do, he uncovered this gem on YouTube, dusted it off, and presented it to the rest of the internet so it could get the recognition it so fully deserves. Back in October Running Corners masterfully edited and voiced over this compilation of James Bond clips, hilariously painting 007 out to be the prick we all have to admit he kinda/sorta is and it has remained buried for months while any variation of “Sh*t ______ Say” will get you an easy 100K views.

Now, usually when self-righteous fun sponges — paging Matt Damon — point out what a drunk misogynistic dickhead James Bond is my first thoughts go to sand and vaginas, in that order. But when it’s done using many layers of hilarity, applying amazing lyrics over ridiculous 007 clips (“I need heaps of gadgets because I carry a sh*t gun”) then I’m willing to give the sentiment a chance. He skis on lunches for God’s sakes!

Fully awesome video with awesomely NSFW audio after the jump. JUDO!

839! Now that’s just admirable.

YouTube via The High Definite

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