The Hit By A Bus Supercut You Didn’t Know You Needed Is Now A Reality

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02.05.13 13 Comments

If watching people getting unexpectedly hit by monstrous forms of mass transportation over and over again when I know it’s coming is wrong, then I don’t want to be watching whatever is right.

That’s my way of informing you that Pajiba’s resident super-cutting wizard, Harry Hanrahan, is back with another instant classic to go in his YouTube trophy case already occupied by The 160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes of All Time, The 100 Greatest Quotes from The Wire, and The Sean Bean Death Reel. I honestly did not realize getting hit by a bus in film and television was trope-y enough to fill up twelve plus minutes of supercutting action, but behold — it sure as hell is.

Favorites like Mean Girls, all the Final Destinations, seemingly everyone from from Lost, and — of course — Meet Joe Black included. Which means not all modes of transportation doing the surprise people smashing are strictly buses, but “Hit by an Assorted Vehicle” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Kinda/sorta NSFW-ish due to all the death by bus. Enjoy!

Consider me forever curious as to how the hell Harry researches and compiles all these clips.

Source: Pajiba

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