Hobbit Holes, You Know, For Kids: A Company In Maine Will Build You A Real Hobbit House

Did you covet the Hobbit House in Pennsylvania but can’t afford a 600-square-foot Hobbit hole made from 18th century reclaimed stones and a single door hinge forged from hand-fired iron? The good news is there are cheaper ways to get your own Hobbit house.

A company in Maine, Wooden Wonders, builds customized Hobbit-style wooden buildings to use as sheds, playhouses, chicken coops, etc. The largest Hobbit hole is 16 feet wide and costs around $15,000. The smallest models cost less than $4000 and can house your lawnmower like the precious object it is. As Blastr points out, you can even get the structure partially embedded into the ground for an additional fee, or get insulated walls for year-round use.

Continue on to view some of the photographs available at Wooden Wonders. We can’t wait to plunge deep into these Hobbit holes! *rereads previous sentence* Yep, that’s exactly what we meant to say.