If The Posters For This Year’s Oscar-Nominated Movies Were Honest

This year’s Oscar nominations are in, but instead of continuing our coverage of who got snubbed — Comic book movies! Looper! Twilight! Matthew McConaughey! — we’re going to take a moment to repeat a yearly tradition. People like to photoshop the Oscar-nominated movies’ posters to reflect what the average person thinks about them, and we love collecting the funniest of these honest movie posters in one place. All but two of the modified posters below are for films nominated in the screenplay, acting, best film, or other Academy Award categories (full list of nominees here).

These honest movie posters come from Hypable (thanks to Joshua for sending that link), College Humor, and The Shiznit. Our favorites start on the next page, along with two bonus honest posters for movies that weren’t nominated. You can view the rest of the photoshops at Hypable, College Humor, and The Shiznit.

(Click images for full size.)

Beasts of the Southern Wild [via]

Les Misérables [via]

Argo [via]

Silver Linings Playbook [via]

Les Misérables [via]

Lincoln and Django Unchained [via]

Dark Zero Thirty [via]

The Sessions [via]

Django Unchained [via]

Life of Pi [via]

Amour [via]

The Dark Knight Rises was snubbed in all categories, but how could we leave this out? [via]

Twilight: Monster Mash Part 2 wasn’t nominated, but this is still necessary. [via]

Last year’s honest movie posters are available HERE.