‘Mad Max’ (The Video Game) Gets A Brutally Honest Trailer

Strangely, this summer’s Mad Max video game wasn’t a tie-in to the movie, so you get a game that delivers a world of fire and boredom. Screen Junkies and Smosh Games laid out some of the game’s flaws in a new honest trailer. They go in hard from the start, calling it a video-game adaptation “in the tradition of Jaws, The Matrix, and E.T.”

They boil the game down to a sepia-toned Arkham: Desert featuring face-punching — so much face-punching — a bunch of Burning Man weirdos. Which sounds like it should have been awesome, but… meh. It’s still not Mad Max: Fury Road.

Final verdict:

Previous honest game trailers:

(Via Smosh Games)