‘The Sims’ Honest Trailer May Be Too Depressingly Honest

The newest Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies and Smosh Games finally gives The Sims a send-up. They open with some SHOTS FIRED, “You’ve Simmed a city, a tower, an earth, and an ant. Now, EA and Maxis let you simulate the least interesting subject yet – you!” What? How dare you! I’m very interesting and oh who am I kidding?

Besides taking shots at all 4 games with 26 (and counting!) full-priced expansion packs, they also include jokes about “incomprehensible Simlish, a ridiculous fake language like Klingon or Swedish” while reminding us that Katy Perry sang a cover of one of her songs in Simlish, apparently. We’re not sure they made the narrator’s life seem quite sad and isolated enough, however. Then again, we’re bloggers. Our idea of a normal day might be stranger than most.

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Via Smosh Games