Honey Maid Cleverly Responded To The Bigots Who Hated Their Mixed-Race Ad

Senior Pop Culture Editor
04.04.14 12 Comments

honey maid

Brands are all about image, and the image Honey Maid wants to show off is “hey, we’re cool with gay people and mixed-race couples eating our graham crackers.” Controversial stuff, I know, but a progressive commercial of theirs, “This Is Wholesome,” which showed two dads raising a child together, recently went through the “angry misspelled comments in the YouTube comments section” cycle.

To respond to the haters, Honey Maid filmed another ad, this one showing what they did with all the negativity they received. It’s a little corny, and I’m still confused about what the heck grocery store graham crackers in the shape of adorable bears have to do with equality, but aw, it spells love.

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