Authorities In Hong Kong Are Looking For A Teenage Girl Who Pulled Off A $4 Million Diamond Heist

teen heist

A group of Hong Kong jewelry thieves pulled off a brazen diamond heist in broad daylight yesterday, walking off with a 100 carat necklace valued at $4.6 million, and yet that is somehow only the third most interesting part of this story. From the South China Morning Post:

The heist – which detectives have described as “very well planned” – unfolded when two women, a man and a girl thought to be between 12 and 14 years old walked into the Emperor Jewellery shop in the 1881 Heritage shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui shortly after 3pm yesterday.

Well-dressed and speaking Putonghua, the trio of adults, managed to distract staff by asking to look at a series of items on display while the girl stole a key from a drawer, opened a display cabinet then slipped the necklace off a display bust and into her pocket.

The two most gripping parts of this story:

1) The thing about the teenage girl doing the dirty work. I don’t necessarily support teenagers being pushed into a life of crime before they know any better, but I will say this: If there isn’t a movie in a year or two titled Teen Diamond Heist — think Spring Breakers meets Ocean’s 11 — I will be livid.

2) Uhhhhhhh a jewelry store in the mall had a $4.6 million diamond necklace in it?

Lot to digest here.

(Source: Gawker)