Horrible Parents Ruined A Charity Easter Egg Hunt By Fighting Over Eggs

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In “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” news, a Sacramento charity Easter Egg hunt this weekend went awry, as deranged parents pushed and trampled other parents and children out of the way to help their kids collect plastic eggs. The event attempted to break the world record for largest egg hunt with 510,000 eggs and was held by a charity called Blue Hart, which provides aid to victims of human trafficking.

Despite the event being held for a good cause, things immediately turned to chaos because parents are insane. According to the Sacramento Bee:

“It’s really ridiculous,” said Michelle Rodriguez, who paid $140 for her seven children to participate in the VIP portion of the hunt, in which some of the eggs were stuffed with coupons for free food. “Parents are literally pushing other people out of the way.”

Many attendees complained about the chaos surrounding the event. No barricades were used to prevent people from prematurely collecting the eggs, and organizers did not verify whether parents had tickets for the VIP hunt. A separate, free egg hunt took place nearby on the grounds of the Capitol.

“It was crazy,” said Kori Houser, whose toddler Chase picked up only three eggs. “Adults were trampling over us.”

Maybe they can spice things up next year by handing out brass knuckles beforehand. You can tell at church on Easter Sunday which parents love their kids the most by counting the black eyes.

Via New York Daily News