Breaking Blonde: This Georgia Lawyer Was Busted For Selling Meth

This woman is Holly Hogue Edwards, an accomplished 35-year-old criminal defense lawyer from Georgia with a cable access show whose life just took a pretty unfortunate trip into Meth Valley. The Georgia peach was arrested on Monday after she tried to sell meth to an undercover agent and is also suspected of using meth, which is almost hard to believe because she’s so darn pretty! Look at her! Kirsten Dunst could play her in a Lifetime movie! You know, if Kirsten Dunst’s career was on life support due to a meth arrest.

The selfie-loving mother of two is pleading not guilty to “three counts of illegal distribution of oxycodone as well as one count of distributing oxycodone and methamphetamine,” according to BroBible, and her husband jumped to her defense on Facebook.

And in case it wasn’t clear, this Blake Edwards is not the late Blake Edwards who was married to Julie Andrews and directed Breakfast at Tiffany’s and The Pink Panther.

Holly appeared in court in handcuffs and crying, and she was released on a $15,000 bond on Monday. But if she looks at the bright side, if she makes it out of this bind okay, she is probably hot enough to be asked to play herself in a TV version of this whole wacky story. Or a porn version, whichever she’s into!

(Via BroBible)