Hoverboards Are Real; Effing Sweet (Videos)

I often fantasize about being Prince having an accent. For starters, it makes everything you say sound a lot more exotic and cool, plus it coincidentally makes everything you say sound a whole lot smarter too. Take for example the French: as if messing around and creating hoverboards wasn’t badass enough already, they also get to make it look incredibly sexy at the same time. Like this crew from the Université Paris Diderot and their attempts to slander Michael J. Fox’s good name. See, they’ve been perfecting the relationship between liquid nitrogen and magnetic rails to the point of where they’re actually able to slide around via a custom plank that allows them to hover.

Look, the best way to give you an idea of the concept is to check out both videos after the jump. Science was never really my thing to begin with. Those two semesters I spent abroad were focused on perfecting the language of love. What can I say? I’m no fighter.

Videos below the cut:

Video 1:

Video 2:

[via Geekologie]