How Did This Eight-Year-Old Get 40-Pound Hands?

Growing up with a disability is pretty tough for a kid. But Mohammad Kaleem has it worse than most: His disability is not only visible and obvious, nobody knows why his hands have grown to weigh forty pounds.

As documented by Barcroft TV, it’s a bit heartbreaking to watch and underlines just how scary it is to be in poverty and suffering from a disease nobody can figure out. Mohammad’s hands are essentially useless, and he has to try to live a normal life with twenty-pound weights strapped to his arms at all times. It’s difficult for him to eat and dress himself. He can’t even go to school, as the other children are terrified of him and beat him, because children are little sociopaths.

It’s not clear what, precisely, is happening with his hands. We do know he was born with this condition; his hands were twice the size of a normal infant’s at birth and have just kept growing from there. But his family can’t afford any sort of specialist diagnosis, and for now it’s mostly limited to speculation. The family is hoping that awareness of his situation will draw the attention of doctors, and for Mohammad’s sake, we hope someone steps up. If nothing else, the kid deserves a chance at a normal life.

Via Reddit