Here’s The Wolverine Supercut We Didn’t Know We Needed: All Of Hugh Jackman’s Screaming

The Wolverine opens tomorrow, and one thing we’re certain to see is plenty of Hugh Jackman screaming. Over the past 13 years, Hugh Jackman has scowled and screamed and SNIKT’d his way through seven movies as Wolverine if you include the not-yet-released X-Men: Days Of Future Past and The Wolverine. Six movies if you pretend X-Men Origins: Wolverine never happened. Yeah. Six movies. Let’s stick with that.

Now Abraham Riesman at Vulture has compiled a supercut which documents the full extent of Hugh Jackman’s frequent screaming as the Wolverine. Check out Vulture’s evidence below, with a welcome surprise at the end.

James McAvoy is going to have to kick his acting up a notch to compete with this.

(Pictures courtesy Brain Confetti and 20th Century Fox.)