The Human Barbie Is Done With Food, Intends To Live On 'Air And Light' Alone

Eat your heart out, Blondie Bennett. But don’t eat anything at all, not if you want to catch up with 28-year-old Ukrainian plastic-person Valeria Lukyanova, the original “Human Barbie” with eyes as big as saucers. According to the IB Times, Lukyanova, who both looks underage and nearly eligible for AARP benefits, said that she plans to live on air and light alone. None of that nasty food stuff for her.

It was recently revealed how Valeria Lukyanova intends to train herself to be able to live on just air and light alone. “In recent weeks I have not been hungry at all; I’m hoping it’s the final stage before I can subsist on air and light alone,” Valeria said.

According to previous reports, Valeria’s waistline measures 50 centimeters. However, it seemed that her current measurement is smaller as netizens can already see her bones.

Surprisingly, Valeria said that she wants to live with light and air only. It seemed that the Ukranian model and singer is following Breatharianism, which is a mysterious cult that advocates living without food or water. A breatharian is said to be someone who never eats or drinks as they can exist on “cosmic micro-food.” (Via)

The members of Aqua are also living on no food, but for entirely different reason. (They’re just poor.)

Banner via Valeriya Lukyanova’s Facebook, via IB Times