This Honors Student Turned Herself Into Barbie And Now She Can’t Be Taken Seriously

Not too long ago, the so-called Human Barbie took off her makeup and looked astoundingly normal. This story runs in reverse. Ashton Clark describes herself as a future psychiatrist who’s on scholarship at the University of Tennessee. Ashton is in a pickle, however, because she gave herself a makeover to look like Barbie. In the aftermath, she laments how people stopped treating her like her true smartypants self.

Ashton invests plenty of time and cash into her ongoing transformation process. She has shared makeup tips on YouTube and also invests in hair color and extensions, colored contacts, spray tan, and acrylic nails. And one mustn’t forget the lip fillers. If you can possibly believe it, this is what Ashton looked like as her “normal” self not too long ago:

Here’s what Ashton had to say to the Daily Mail about her transformation:

“For years, I was terrified of doing the ‘Barbie look’ because I thought people would make fun of me. But for me when I look ‘fake’, I feel more like ‘me’ than I ever have been in my life. This is how I like to look. It may not be natural but it’s ‘me.’ People are always so taken back when they meet me because I don’t fit into the stereotypical mould they’ve placed me in because of my ‘artificial’ appearance. They expect me to be an airhead or shallow.”

Ashton loves her makeup and considers it an art form. She says, “It can be as harmless as wanting to look like a doll because it’s fun.” Her online profile is growing, but Ashton laments how her peers won’t treat her as “a successful academic” because she spends so much time in front of the mirror. So, she’s made it her goal to “challenge the Barbie stereotype.” However, Ashton has challenged media reports that she speaks four languages. Instead, she dabbles in Norwegian, Persian, and Spanish courses but isn’t fluent. Yet she really is shopping around for the right PhD program and says, “my make-up hobby does not hinder my ability to do research or write excellent papers.”

Here are some of Barbie‘s Ashton’s photos that show off her newish look. She’s correct — makeup doesn’t make you dumb, but it sure does swallow a lot of study time.

(Via Daily Mail)