The Pokemon Squirtle Is Trending After — You Guessed It — A Raunchy Tucker Carlson Segment On Hunter Biden

On Thursday, Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show spent time talking about a sex scandal of an elected US congressman. Actually, no, he didn’t mention Matt Gaetz’s growing sex scandal that on Thursday saw new reports of Venmo transactions to an alleged sex trafficker. That didn’t make the cut.

What Carlson did cover was cosigning the white replacement theory that often motivates deadly attacks against minorities. He also had on a guest to discuss a Hunter Biden story in the Daily Mail that detailed some shady things that apparently didn’t make the cut of his memoir. Included in that report is talk about him making videos of having sex with prostitutes, complete with some photos that Carlson showed during prime time on a cable news channel.

You can watch the segment here, if you want, or perhaps if you’re struggling to imagine that actually airing before the mods went to sleep for the night. But it did, and there were, uh, a LOT of reactions to that Hunter Biden image showing up on Fox News. For a variety of reasons, such as the dog being spotlighted in the image, or the giant Pokemon Squirtle watching the pixelated action in the background.

But there were also a lot of Pokemon fans who were wondering why Squirtle was trending on Twitter. They were, to say the least, a bit surprised when they found out the reason everyone’s favorite water Pokemon starter was getting some newfound attention.

It was a night of surprises for basically anyone paying attention on social media, to say the least.