This Thoughtful Husband Cloned His Manhood, And It Ended Up In The Worst Hands


The ever-popular Clone-A-Willy kits sell well as novelty gifts, but I’ve never heard of anyone using it successfully. The product’s website gives some pretty clear-cut instructions, but somehow the execution gets muddled when a guy has to stick his wang inside a slime-filled tube. Or so I’ve been told.

One intrepid soul on Reddit used his Clone-A-Willy with success. He did so as an anniversary gift to his wife because, presumably, he couldn’t imagine a greater token to represent his undying love. Well, his wife wasn’t terribly impressed, which is partially the husband’s fault for not identifying his cloned wang to her. He just gave her the clone as a present without comment. Aaaand she re-gifted his penis in the worst way.

The poor guy needed to get this burden off his chest. However, he did so extra-anonymously with a throwaway account, TIFUThrowaway24. Does this mean he may have 23 other hidden stories under different names? We should be so lucky because this is a good story to read:

My wife’s sister was over for dinner tonight. Her husband is out on deployment so she comes over a lot. During conversation she tells my wife she is getting lonely without her husband and can’t wait till he returns in 5 months so she finally can get laid again. My wife tells her she should go to the adult store and buy some toys to take care of business. Her sister said she’s way too embarrassed and would not step foot in one of those stores. My wife says wait right here. She runs upstairs and comes back down and puts the molded dildo on the table and says you can have this I never got around to using it. My sister in law picks it up and says are you sure? And my wife says yes please take it. I am sitting at the table mouth wide open shocked that my sister in law actually has my cloned dildo and is taking it home to keep forever.

My sister in law left 2 hours ago with my cloned dick in her hand. I am still sitting here shocked that this went down. There’s no way I can ever tell my wife the real story and I hope when my brother in law returns he doesn’t notice that the dildo isn’t professional looking and figures out what happened.

Should this guy come clean? There’s a strong chance that his clone could wreak havoc if his brother-in-law knows this product. The clones don’t look like commercial-grade dildos, and the brother-in-law could assume that his wife is cheating on him with some “generous” fellow gave her a clone. When, really, this unassuming woman simply carted home a re-gifted penis.

(Via Reddit & BroBible)