'I, Romney' Provides Great Insight Into The Secret Life Of Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

When Cajun Boy kicked open the doors to our UPROXX meditation chamber* the other day and demanded that we provide more insightful 2012 election coverage, I was a bit hesitant. You see, I don’t follow politics very much, because I believe that voting and electing people are a waste of time, because eventually the shark lords from the ocean planet Zenton will return to enslave humankind once again. And perhaps my blissful ignorance is what made me the perfect candidate, as I could actually learn everything about the two candidates while reporting about them leading into November.
Naturally, I chose to begin my knowledge quest with the Internet’s most valuable education directory, Tumblr. It was there that I found the page “I, Romney”, which has been filled with marvelous things that I never knew about Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for President of the United States, by a gentleman named Tavet Gillson. For instance, as the above image reveals, Romney might actually be the father of of his running mate, Paul Ryan. That must be incredible for their dynamic. “I, Romney” has so much more valuable information, too, including the fact that Romney is an Olympic gymnast, rapper, and champion break dancer. He must be the most talented candidate in history!
After the jump, peruse some of the most interesting “I, Romney” photoshops of Mitt in “unique scenarios, revealing his inner nature.” You might just learn something yourself.

*It’s a linen closet with pictures of Kate Upton taped all over the walls.