Meme Watch: Sophisticated Cat Has A Post-Election Revelation

Insert my boilerplate “I usually leave the cat memes to Robo” note here, but the day after the election feels like the perfect time to introduce Sophisticated Cat and his attempts to fill the void in his life. Many of you on both sides of the aisle probably feel similarly this morning. WHY AM I STILL EMPTY INSIDE? And I think we all know there’s only one remedy and this cat is thinking what we’re all thinking.

I normally don’t delve too deeply into meme origins — because seriously, who gives a sh*t? — but this one is actually pretty interesting as this dapper cat was grabbed from Bjork’s 2005 “Triumph of the Heart” video, which Spike Jonze directed. A few months ago one Redditor just happened to take a screengrab and add the above caption and the magic happened. I should also mention that the cat is Bjork’s boyfriend in the video, because that is extremely relevant.

“I should buy a ______” has been slowly but surely making it’s web rounds (this helped) but today feels like the day it takes the leap to primetime player (primetime on the internet is 11AM-3PM EST, FYI). So enjoy, and feel free to make today the day you make your own monumental revelation.

Via: Know Your Meme and Quickmeme