Ice-T Brought His Bulldogs On ‘The Tonight Show’ With Him Because Why Not?

We already mentioned that Ice-T stopped by The Tonight Show last night to lend his voiceover work to another crop of cartoons, but it’s also worth acknowledging that he brought his two bulldogs, Spartacus and Spartacus’ son King Maximus, also known as “Thugnificent.” Because why wouldn’t Ice-T bring his dogs with him on a late night show? He says the dogs don’t bark, but just “give this crazy mug at you,” as you can see Thugnificent casing the room:

PITCH IDEA: A movie about a crime-solving bulldog cop starring Thugnificent as voiced by Ice-T. Okay, so maybe I’m nowhere near as good at these as Danger Guerrero, but it makes more sense than Ice-T’s upcoming daytime talk show with Coco that premieres next week, anyway.