Idris Elba May Be Out-Classing Dinosaurs In ‘Jurassic World’

Hold on to your butts, because Idris Elba may be starring in Jurassic World. It’s just a rumor, but, much like the Rashida Jones Ant-Man rumor from yesterday, we want this to be real.

Cinema Blend made the good hustle tracking down the sources of the rumor.

I shall refrain from jumping up and down with glee at least long enough to point out that it’s unsubstantiated hearsay at best, but the “news” appears in two different places that seem to have nothing to do with each other. At least coincidences are on our side. Jurassic World Movie News recently reported that a source “whose [sic] fairly close to Jurassic World’s development” said Elba’s name was in the running. In addition, the website Acting Auditions recently posted a casting notice for Jurassic World, calling for actors and crew in Louisiana, where the film will partially be filmed. Elba’s name is mentioned not just once, but twice, as being part of the cast. […] So is this just a mistake or what? I went and looked through the website for a few minutes and nothing was amiss with any of the other notices I read. [Cinema Blend]

In my dreams, Stringer Bell is vanquishing a Liam Gallaghersaurus and shouting, “TODAY WE ARE CANCELLING THE DINOPOCALYPSE.”

(Banner picture courtesy of Warner.)