If You Can Hold Your Nose, TMZ Has A Ton Of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Pics

We know, we know, TMZ is the cancer that’s killing the Internet and making Idiocracy a reality all at the same time. But when they’re not annoying minor celebrities for their opinions on weird news, or asking sports figures inappropriate questions in front of their kids, or cutting themselves in the bathroom once the shame gets to be too much, they do occasionally touch on something actually important. Like a whole ton of Star Wars: Episode VII set photos.

Each photo is covered with a massive TMZ logo, and the gallery has annoyingly tiny default resolution. Also, we can’t post the photos because TMZ are a bunch of lawsuit goblins. But we can assemble a few details based on what we see:

  • J.J. Abrams was not kidding about practical effects. Check out the giant pig creature that leads the photos: Supposedly five operators are inside it to make it work.
  • Lucas must have kept everything in a U-Save-It or something, because there are definitely set elements from A New Hope in these photos.
  • So. Many. Hoodies. It’s not clear if these are Tusken Raiders out of their masks or what in some shots, but Tattooine is definitely going to be a much busier place.

We suspect there will be more leaks from the set as time goes on. It’s an enormous shoot and Disney is taking an oddly live-and-let-live attitude towards fans sneaking onto the set and snapping a few photos. Besides, if Chewie’s taking selfies anyway, they might as well lighten up.