If You Want A ‘Justice League’ Movie You Better Watch ‘Man Of Steel’. Also, Here’s Amy Adams As Lois Lane

Are the folks at Warner Bros. getting cold feet about doing a Justice League movie? So far they’ve seemed pretty gung-ho, but now, according to Variety, they’re talking like they may call the whole thing off if Man of Steel isn’t a success.

“Stakes are high for Man of Steel. Other than Nolan’s Batpics, Warners has not been able to effectively exploit the DC library. A Justice League film wouldn’t likely be in theaters before 2015, as Warner’s top brass has indicated that they are now awaiting the results of Man of Steel, which opens June 14, before moving further ahead.”

So there you have it — you better watch Man of Steel if you want a Justice League flick. Speaking of Man of Steel, it’s got one major thing going for it — the always-adorable Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Hit the jump for the first picture of Adams as Lois…

Not the greatest picture or anything, but still, Amy Adams is infinitely more qualified for the role than Kate Bosworth was. Lois is as important to any Superman movie as Superman himself, so it’s good to see a talented (and have I mentioned adorable?) actress in the role.

via DC Women Kicking Ass here and here