In The Beginning There Was Turtles: Check Out This Massive 1,200 Titles Strong Video Game Timeline

Video game chronology can be trouble. Just look at the endless debate over what order to put the Zelda games in. Nintendo finally published an official chronology, and even that hasn’t stopped the tooth gnashing.

Thankfully some games make placing them a little easier by assigning themselves real-world dates. Of course most of these dates are just something a random game designer thought up off the top of their head, but a guy named Alex Jaffe decided to actually pay attention to these numbers and make a huge master video game chronology.

The chronology starts with TMNT: Turtles In Time (2.5 billion BC) and ends with various Warhammer 40,000 games (which, of course, take place in the year 40,000) with around 1,200 other games in between.

Alex’s site wasn’t equipped for all the traffic his project has been getting recently, but you can view the entire chronology in PDF form right here.

via Kotaku