But Really, What If Ingmar Bergman Directed ‘The Flash’?

Finally an answer to the question that has plagued us since literally never: “What if Ingmar Bergman Directed The Flash?” Oh man, this protagonist is going to ask depressing existential questions at such a fast pace. Art house features have never been so exciting. Or at all exciting.

You’re already familiar with Bergman’s work even if you think you aren’t, thanks to the scene in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey about playing board games with the Grim Reaper (a reference to The Seventh Seal). Now Ingmar Bergman’s immediately recognizable, bleak style has been copied by Patrick Willems, the same guy who brought us Tommy Wiseau’s Batman, a slasher movie trailer about Fake Geek Girls, an action movie version of Doctor Who, and White Luke Cage.

To be honest, this narrator sounds more German than Swedish. Perhaps this should’ve been a parody of Werner Herzog instead. I would listen to this dude do Werner Herzog Yelp reviews all day.

Via Patrick Willems