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Boom goes the web redemption [WithLeather]

Snoop Dogg Tells The Truth About Detox [TSS]

This Week In F—k You: Oprah [KSK]

A Real Detective Plays L.A. Noire [G4TV]

Professional Wrestling’s Lamest Ring Attire [UGO]

Play This Game: Zombie Hooker Nightmares [AdultSwim]

Viral Outbreak: The Fast and the Nearly Flattened [TSJ]

When Opposites Attract Hilarity Ensues (gallery) [ForkParty]

10 Modern Movies That Would Be Better in Black & White [Moviefone]

1 in 12 Baseball and Football Fans Are Drunk When Leaving Games [Brobible]

Not Your Average Cosplay: Recycled Vintage [Geektress]

VIDEO BELOW: A dog jumping rope. [via SayOMG]

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