The ‘Instagram Husband’ Meme Will Make You Put Down The Camera And Live Life

News Editor

Anyone who spends time on social media will witness a plethora of food photos at their disposal. Likewise, there are folks out there who must pose “authentically” every time they pass a brick wall. Those photos don’t take themselves, and that’s where the Instagram Husband comes into play. He’s the poor guy to take all those photos. He’s the one who laments, “We used to eat our food, now we just take pictures of it.” Feel his pain, or feel the wrath of the woman who’s trying to show off her happy life to her high school friends, who haven’t seen her in person for a decade.

This video illustrates the hollowness behind the constant need to document one’s every move. After awhile, people get so busy taking photos of life that they forget to actually live. The #InstagramHusband meme that has arrived with this video is hilarious. Anyone can tag themselves, and their Instagram photos will automagically appear on the filmmakers’ website. We’ve already heard from D. Lutman, who says, “This is what your face looks like when you see your wife put the corgi on top of an old record player for a picture.”

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