This Woman Became An Instagram Sensation By Turning Her Disastrous Falls Into An Art Form

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08.08.16 6 Comments

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I love people's reactions. 😂😂😂

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Of all of the tropes of slapstick physical comedy — the nut shot, kick to the butt, the spit take, et cetera — the simple fall or face plant might be the most classic of them all. Hell, Chevy Chase practically made a damn career out of it. Paige Ginn, however, the California woman pictured here, is taking the art of the fall to a whole new level on her Instagram account.

Similar to Jackass-style videos, Ginn’s videos are always recorded in public places where bystanders are forced to react to her impressively and horrifically awkward falls, and boy, does she ever commit. Watching some of the videos you have to wonder whether she ever hurts herself, until you happen upon photos of real injuries she’s sustained (linked photo not safe for work or life) and realize that she really does go all in on these stunts.

Here are some of the most amazing (and painful-looking) videos from her account, starting off with this classic from an In-N-Out Burger in downtown San Diego from which she probably needed to be hosed down after.

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