This Woman Found Her Doppelgänger On Instagram, And The Internet Helped Her Get In Touch

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In what sounds like the plot of a movie where the conspiracy goes ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP, 23-year-old Amanda Fisher was alerted by a friend that someone on Instagram looked exactly like her. The Frisco, Texas resident didn’t believe her at first, but then she saw a photo of Meredith Pond, 22, and realized they could both pass for Zooey Deschanel in a New Girl costume contest. The resemblance was striking, so she reached out to her Internet doppelgänger, with no luck.

Then, the Internet got involved.

Fisher posted the side-by-side image above to Imgur. Many users accused her of Photoshop, while other, actually decent human beings helped her out, including one woman who, as it turns out, goes to the same hairstylist as Pond in Indiana. Finally, an update:

I made contact!

She finally contacted me and we’ve been swapping some pictures. I hope I didn’t scare her too much with attention. I found an old photo of my mom to compare to as well.

Thanks for all the help Imgur! (Via)

Fisher told BuzzFeed, “I read somewhere that everyone has at least six or seven people in the world that look a lot like you. I always thought it would be strange to meet one of those people.” Surprisingly, Pond hasn’t murdered Fisher (yet) because, as we all know, there can only be one…

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(Via BuzzFeed)