The Internet Is Confused By This Optical Illusion Of How Many Girls Are In This Photo

Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari posted this photo on Instagram last week, which has since gone viral because nobody can tell how many dang girls are in it. It’s like “the dress” all over again, only this time there are a questionable number of dress-wearing girls. At first, it seemed cut and dry that there are obviously two girls sitting between two mirrors, but then I got lost in the comments and now I’m not so sure.

__silky__ 3 girls. The bracelet is a give-away.

beauhockey54 because you can see the colour difference between the mirror and the persons standing for the middel

dacrazygingerfor those who are saying the bracelet is not there on the “third girl”, the bracelet is on her right arm which is being covered by her left, hence the reason why you can’t see it in the reflection

guimonochrome four girls ffs!! lol for the ones who said 2

october11th If you look at the picture as a whole you would think that there’s more than 2, but look closer at the minute details & you’ll realize it’s a reflection of only 2 girls. Pretty cool illusion if you ask me

For me, it comes down to the elastic band on the taller girl’s arm, which would definitely be cut off on the image closest to the left, and the bracelet on the smaller girl’s arm, which doesn’t appear that it would be obscured by her other arm in the reflection, but I can’t say for sure. So, what is it? Two? Three? Four? Either way, get ready for some strong-ass opinions.

(Via Daily Mail)

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