The Biggest Threat To Journalists? It Could Be Their Next Door Neighbor

08.28.15 3 years ago


Earlier this week, Buzzfeed’s Katie Notopoulos posted a tweet to one of her most recent episodes of Internet Explorer, a podcast dedicated to Web findings and internet discussion (and more). The podcast that ensued was a well articulated, engaging conversation that needed to be discussed, especially after the WDBJ tragedies this week.

Click play below and listen to Katie and her co-host Ryan Broderick talk to Buzzfeed’s head of global security, Jason Reich. The conversation surrounds the safety journalists are starting to need when they publish controversial content (specifically citing a troubling “next-door neighbor” case with Gawker).

This episode taps into the fact that the past few years have ushered in an era of nervousness, but bravery for journalists across the board covering topics that don’t just affect the subject they are reporting, but them as well. It also unearths the point that internet communities can become dark, nebulous places, quickly.


So, what’s your take on what Jason had to say about internet and journalist safety?

(Via Internet Explorer)

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