An Irish Pub Found A Very Interesting Place To Display A Photo Of Donald Trump

08.01.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

Donald Trump is not the most popular person in the world right now. Between his outlandish remarks to the father of a fallen Muslim U.S. soldier and all-time low ratings for the RNC, it should come as no surprise that Hillary Clinton is now comfortably leading in the polls. Even The Simpsons are taking aim at the polarizing candidate.

But it’s not just the United States where Trump is disliked. Should he win the election, the ramifications of a Trump presidency have the potential to affect the entire globe. So more and more people around the world are expressing how they feel about the presidential candidate. Exhibit A: the above photo of “Cinnamon Hitler,” spotted at the Adelphi pub in Dublin, placed in a urinal for patrons to take a whiz on.

“If he is elected by the people of the United States, we will take it down immediately as we feel it would then be disrespectful to the American people,” explained Tony McCabe, the bar manager of the Adelphi. “I just felt that it was a way for some people to express their feelings towards Mr. Trump’s views and to make their trip to the bathroom a “wee” bit more entertaining.”

Believe me, many Americans wouldn’t feel disrespected at all. But being that it might be the first time in history a world leader declares war on an international ally for the slight of having his photo urinated on, it’s probably for the best either way.

(Via, Rawstory)

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