Is This Hip, New Ronald McDonald Any Less Creepy Than The Old Ronald McDonald?

McDonald’s has unveiled a new look for their famous clown mascot Ronald McDonald, and honestly if you’re like me and couldn’t tell the difference, here’s a picture of what he used to look like, as a point of reference. I guess you can tell new Ronald is hip and cool the way he’s moving his arms and legs in an “extreme” manner. USA Today writes:

The new Ronald sports a red blazer, a red bow tie, red-and-white striped rugby shirt, yellow vest and, yes, yellow cargo pants.

His hair is more coiffed. His vibe is less creepy. And – how shall we politely say this? – he looks slightly less clown-like.

“As a strategy, it feels a little desperate,” says Kate Newlin, a brand consultant. She says it’s as if the new Ronald is shouting: “Please remember you once loved me.”

OK first of all, don’t put words in my mouth, I have never loved Ronald McDonald because clowns are the worst. If anything, they should have made him even less clown-like. Maybe some sunglasses, a backwards baseball cap, ripped pants and a surfboard might have helped? Except no, because I basically just described Poochie. Oh well. How cool can a guy be whose best friend is a giant purple nutsack, anyway?