It’s Now Harder Than Ever For California’s Anti-Vax Parents To Make Your Kids Sick

Earlier this week, California governor Jerry Brown signed arguably the toughest vaccination law in the country, and that obviously didn’t sit well with the nation’s anti-vaccination population (poetry intended). While the state’s health officials praised the new law and even called it “a great day for California’s children,” comedian and actor Jim Carrey quickly became the celebrity face of opposition when he referred to Brown as a “corporate fascist” in a Twitter rant about how children are being poisoned with mercury. Carrey had to remind everyone twice that he’s not anti-vaccination as much as he’s anti-mercury, but no one has ever stopped the Twitter mob once the torches are burning.

Under this new legislation, which was a response to last December’s measles outbreak at Disneyland, parents will no longer be able to claim exemptions for their children based on religious or personal beliefs, but they might still get by on the good, old, “Oops, was I supposed to do that?” excuse. Tom Storey and Briana Lane fill us in on the rest of SB 277’s impact on California in today’s episode of The Desk.