It’s Tim Schafer Appreciation Day on the Blog Apparently — Schafer Responds to Notch About Psychonauts 2

As Dan already reported, yesterday Tim Schafer started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the making of a new adventure game through his company Double Fine, and ended up collecting over 400 thousand dollars in less than 24-hours, which is pretty damn awesome news. I mean, sure, us fans of LucasArts’ old adventure games have been surviving — living day to day on a thin gruel of clunky Telltale episodic games — but it’ll be good to have to real thing back.

But what about the story I reported on a couple days ago? The thing where creator of Minecraft, Notch, offered to help fund the production of a new Psychonauts game? Well, Tim Schafer replied to Notch over Twitter, and his response was promising indeed…

So yeah, on Monday I think most fans of Schafer/Double Fine were kind of resigned to the fact that the company was leaving it’s roots behind to make Kinect Sesame Street games. Now it’s Thursday and suddenly Double Fine’s making a new adventure game and maybe, probably, possibly a new Psychonauts game. This is not only great news for fans of funny, smart, original video games, but a much deserved middle finger directed at the rest the industry that won’t fund any game that doesn’t involve shooting aliens/foreigners/zombies in the face. I’m loving this.

via MMGN