This Woman Had 13 Cosmetic Procedures To Look Like Ivanka Trump: Was It Worth It?

Ivanka Trump may not have any influence on her father or his policies these days, but it can’t be said that she lacks any influence on this country. An episode of E!’s Botched that aired last week featured a woman — ironically named “Tiffany” — who underwent a whopping 13 cosmetic surgeries in the space of a year in her quest to look like the president’s favorite daughter.

Not surprising in the least, Tiffany admits to Botched hosts Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow in the above clip that she started getting surgeries to look like Ivanka Trump four to five months after the demise of her decade-long marriage. As Dr. Dubrow goes on to explain, it’s apparently very common for people to seek out plastic surgery following a traumatic event such as a breakup.

As far as the results so far, she kind of looks like Ivanka, maybe if you squint a little bit. At the very least she looks more like her than say, Ivanka’s own half-sister Tiffany Trump, so moderate success?

As MSN points out, Tiffany also appeared on an ABC News Dateline report late last year with another 30-something mother about women who get plastic surgery to look like Ivanka — which is apparently something of a trend these days. “I like Ivanka Trump’s classic features,” Tiffany originally told the news magazine program. “That’s what I’m kind of modeling the look after.

Not surprising, Tiffany was also a Trump supporter, at least leading up to the 2016 election when the segment was filmed. For her sake, hopefully she’s still happy with her decision, because that would be one hell of a case of buyer’s remorse.

(Via MSN)