Everyone Is Mocking Ivanka Trump’s ‘Us Weekly’ Cover With The Same Savage Meme

In what is already shaping up to be a very bad week for Donald Trump, has also not been a great week for his kids. On Tuesday night the president’s second eldest son Eric Trump came under fire for telling Sean Hannity that members of the Democratic party who oppose his father “are not even people,” and now his eldest daughter Ivanka Trump has once again inadvertently found herself the subject of ridicule.

On Wednesday, the latest issue of Us Weekly ran with a cover story fluff piece on The First Daughter, boldly proclaiming “Why I disagree with my dad,” and that she supposedly “takes a stand” when it comes to her father. [Obligatory Ron Howard voice over: “She doesn’t.”] This kind of piece should come as little surprise given that the gossip rag was purchased by the notoriously Trump-friendly National Inquirer earlier this year.

(Also worth noting…)

It appears that Ivanka herself did not even seem to participate in the story, which collects various snippets from old interviews and anonymous sources to paint a glowing picture of the president’s daughter — but unfortunately for her, that didn’t stop the internet from having its way with the article. And everyone is making exactly the same simple, yet wholly effective joke.