Social Media Star Jake Paul’s Neighbors Are In An Uproar Over Him Terrorizing The Community

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If you are over the age of 15, you probably have no idea who Jake Paul is (and if you are and do, then I have a Comic Book Guy quote for you). In short: the 20-year-old is the Disney Channel-turned-social media star behind such classic videos as, “SEXY KILLER CLOWN ATTACKS US (not a joke)” and “ARE YOU LOOKING AT MY WIFES BUTT?! SAVAGE PRANK.” Paul has over eight million YouTube subscribers, 1.76 Twitter followers, a fan army, and his debut single, “It’s Everyday Bro,” peaked at number 94 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Here is a sample verse to “It’s Everyday Bro.”

Ohio is where I’m from, we chew ’em like it’s gum
We shooting with a gun, the tattoo just for fun
I Usain Bolt and run, catch me at game one
I cannot be outdone, Jake Paul is number one

That picture of Jake Paul you’re painting in your mind? It’s one hundred percent accurate. Just ask his poor neighbors in West Hollywood, who are reportedly considering filing a class-action lawsuit against him. (Weirdly, they didn’t appreciate the stunt where he set a mattress on fire in an empty pool, or the dozens of screaming girls outside his house at all hours of the day.)

“We used to be this really quiet street and now we’re just like this war zone,” one neighbor, Maytal Dahan, told KTLA. “We’re more than happy to have them live here if they’re respectful of their neighbors but they’re not.”

Paul’s response: “It’s terrible, it’s a bad situation. I feel bad for them. For sure. There’s nothing we can do though, the Jake Paulers are the strongest army out there. Dab.” He then dabbed and mocked a reporter with an old meme.

The moral of the story here is, do not live next to social media “influencers.”

(Via KTLA)