Florida State QB Jameis Winston Will Not Be Charged With Sexual Assault

Nothing to see here, folks. Nothing at all. Keep it moving. Jameis Winston is fine:

“Nearly one year after Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston was accused of rape by a female FSU student, the state attorney has decided not to charge the Heisman Trophy favorite, a source who helped draft the statement to the media told Jeff Cameron, host of 97.9 ESPN Tallahassee.”

More dialogue on the issue is sure to trickle out between now and the BCS Championship. Maybe some old, out-of-touch white men debating what constitutes “rape,” maybe some long-winded ESPN stories about which SEC team would have taken FSU’s top spot. Maybe somebody will take the stance bemoaning the victim.

But for everybody who’d rather just side-step the media storm and look forward to December and January football, all that we need to know is that Winston will not be charged.

Photo: Getty