It Looks Like James Comey Has Finally Confirmed That His Rumored Twitter Account Belongs To Him

10.23.17 5 months ago

You see that? That is, as of this writing, the latest tweet by one “Reinhold Niebuhr,” whose current Twitter handle is @FormerBu. Back in March, this same account — whose handle at the time was @projectexile7 — was discovered by a journalist the day after former FBI Director James Comey admitted he had a secret Twitter account. Seeing as how the above tweet includes a photo of a rather tall man who physically resembles Comey, standing on a road somewhere in Iowa, it seems the former government official has more or less outed himself as the account’s user.

Comey, who was unceremoniously fired by President Donald Trump in May, has apparently tweeted from the account several times in the past five days. Last Wednesday it was West Point. The day after, it was Gettysburg. Over the weekend, however, the account began tweeting from Iowa.

Comey, or the whoever actually handles @FormerBu’s operations, never mentioned the ex-FBI director by name. However, between the cornfield and roadside shots above, the individual pictured bears a striking resemblance to the man. What’s more, the Des Moines Register has apparently confirmed that Comey was, in fact, in Iowa during the past few days. Mere minutes after the latest tweet went live, legal analyst and known Comey friend Benjamin Wittes confirmed, “The account does indeed belong to the former director and, by extension, that he was indeed in Iowa this week.”

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