James Franco Tried To Make A Sex Tape, Fell Asleep Piloting A Plane

As we all know by now, famous soap opera actor/performance artist James Franco is a man of many talents. Actor. Artist. Writer. Student. Etc. He’s a frustratingly prolific human being, to the point where you just want to hate at him times for making you feel like a slacker. So it’s good to know that he failed at something that every guy aspires to be good at: Making a sex tape with his girlfriend.

Yes, James Franco admitted on television last night that he, like all of us, watches porn extensively on the internet, and it’s from watching porn that he’s gained a deep appreciation for the “art” involved in making good wank flicks.

“Those people in the pornos, they are great performers,” Franco told Conan. “They’re not just doing it. They’re selling it to an audience.” He went on to note that he and his girlfriend were both so horrified by their performances when they watched it that they made a pact to never watch it again. Which means, of course, that it’ll probably be hitting the web soon.

A clip of the conversation about James Franco’s awful sex tape making is above. The full interview — which includes the notorious sleepy-head detailing the time he fell asleep piloting an airplane (James Franco had a pilot’s license?!) — is below, along with the best James Franco related poem I’ve seen today.

And this via Best Rooftalk Ever

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