Jason Kidd Becomes Brooklyn Nets’ Coach, Basketball World Spits Coffee At Screens

Here’s a list of what the Nets needed this off-season.

1. A proven coach who can push the team
2. A new starting power forward who doesn’t suck
3. A Kris Humphries exit strategy
4. A cannon granting Reggie Evans a one-way trip to the moon
5. An Easy BUtton from Staples whenever their leads slip away

Well the Nets’ front office skipped all those necessities and added another YOLO decision to their repertoire. The organization recently announced their hiring of Jason Kidd as head coach.

I’m more confused than anything about this move. Jason Kidd’s career stats and basketball IQ aren’t the problem. Smarts and a hall-of-fame run on the court don’t always translate to wins on X’s and O’s: word to Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas.

Then someone will suggest Mark Jackson’s story who, like Kidd, never coached professionally before taking the reigns. Jackson’s situation simply isn’t 1:1 here. He took on a rebuilding team which grew exponentially largely in part of Golden States whole coaching staff.

The Nets aren’t in development but they evidently see something in Kidd most don’t behind closed doors. A reputable group of assistants would turn the uncertainty on its head but time will tell on that front. Lawrence Frank is one likely candidate but time will tell on that front.

Brooklyn’s situation necessitates a proven candidate. Their funky lineup has talent, lacks chemistry and need direct voice leading the charge. Therefore, Lionel Hollins should have provided the best fit. Brian Shaw, another former frontrunner, also has the credentials but the triangle wouldn’t work with a club not know for ball movement.